Magical Bookshelf of Extreme Awesomeness

February 11, 2009 - 2 Responses

Seriously, look at how they FLOAT on the wall! Whoever is behind LittleFishFurniture at Etsy is a genius.  I don’t care what you say, there is not a cooler bookshelf in the universe than this upcycled smartness. There just can’t be. When I buy my next house I will own at least one set. I really love the Wordstruck shelf, and am so tempted to grab it now…SO AWESOME.


Love, Tile Smile Style

February 10, 2009 - 4 Responses

I  love these tiles by TileSmile.  They  make me want to do a wordy backsplash in my dream kitchen…in my dream house.. This is just a sampling of lovey themed goodies, but there are a whole slew of fun tiles to drool over if you visit  the shop! Which you should! Right now! Go!

From the Red Room to the Red Hat

February 9, 2009 - 6 Responses

Five years ago yesterday, I met my hubby at The Red Room in San Francisco. In a wiley scheme involving a sassy red hat named after yours truly and my friend Emily from Moe Sew Co. my husband arranged for me to be opening a box on Saturday night to celebrate our five year anniversary. What a sly dog. With a sly helper. When I opened it, thinking, Wow, Emily, HUGE box for a PEN…” was I ever elated to discover MY HAT!

I had actually planned to arrange a layaway payments with Emily that might have taken the rest of my life to pay off, because Could I really live without the Main Chelsea Hat?! NO! I freakin’ love it, and now I’m afraid some shopping is in order so I can have an outfit worthy of such a topper. (Oh, darn.)

In addition to having a very sweet and thoughtful husband who was tricky and secretive and surprised me completely,  I have to take a minute to point out that Emily’s craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. This hat is even more beautiful in person than when I coveted it on FaceBook, where she first posted pix of it. I will cherish it always.

Actually… it kinda makes me want to dive between the sheets with the hubby and make that baby girl I never got, just so I can give her this sweet hat one day. Then I can say, “Your mom was so amazing, they named a hat after her. A red one. And then your crazy red headed daddy smuggled it secretly to me.”  And then I’d probably tell her that it was a magical hat that would make unicorns and fairies come to life when she wears it, and make all her wildest dreams come true.

Raising Mad Scientists

February 8, 2009 - 3 Responses

It is my opinion that every child needs a good set of alphabet blocks. But what to do when you are molding that child into the world’s next great Mad Scientist? There just aren’t a lot of resources out there to help with this endeavor, at least not until now.

Behold xylocopa’s ingenious Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks. Finally, you can rest assured that your little overthrower of the universe will not get his dirigibles confused with his goggles, will know how to coerce useless peasants into becoming his henchmen, and he will easily have the know-how to secretly build an ex-ray equipped freeze-ray gun with robotic tentacles and a laser. All in the safety of his underground lair.

A – Appendages
B – Bioengineering
C – Caffeine
D – Dirigible
E – Experiment
F – Freeze ray
G – Goggles
H – Henchmen
I – Invention
J – Jargon
K – Potassium
L – Laser
M – Maniacal
N – Nanotechnology
O – Organs
P – Peasants (with Pitchforks)
Q – Quantum physics
R – Robot
S – Self-experimentation
T – Tentacles
U – Underground Lair
V – Virus
W – Wrench
X – X-Ray
Y – You, the Mad Scientist of Tomorrow
Z – Zombies

Coming Soon: Hate Mail & Love Letters

February 7, 2009 - 5 Responses

Dear Readers,

As soon as my juicy new typewriter ribbon arrives with my special “screw you” wax seal, I will be offering to you, my devoted readers, the option of hiring me to do your dirty work.

That’s right, I will transcribe or even craft your special hate mail and hand type it onto a nice sheet of cream parchment paper, seal it in a lovely envelope with a fancy “screw you” seal, and send it anonymously (or not-up to you!) to the deserving recipient of your choice. 

On the flip side, I will also be offering a hand typed love letter service. I haven’t chosen the text for the lovey-dovey wax seal yet, so if you have any ideas, please do share them here. I’m also still on the lookout for the most perfect, romantic, vintagy stationery known to mankind. If you see it, let me know.

I’m really quite excited about this new service; I hope you will be, too. Look for it in my Etsy shop. Might take a couple weeks, sadly not in time for V-day. But neither love nor hate come around but once a year do they? And everyone loves to receive a good letter, no matter the date.

Yours Truly,


Playfully Bookish

February 6, 2009 - 5 Responses

I went a-looking and I found some fun shops! I could spend a ton of time in each of them.. Here are some playful wordy finds for your wall, artfully executed:


Reading is Cool by Studio Mela:


Love is in the Air by Carambatack


Candy, Backwards by Copper Inc.


Knowledge Speaks by vol.25

Fresh Handbags & Such for Spring

February 4, 2009 - 4 Responses

My handbag collection (the one in my dreams that is so vast it requires a walk-in closet of its own, right next to my shoe room) includes these fresh finds: 

I wish it was a self-teach Italian book, as I have been learning Italian, but since the pages are missing anyway to make room for my wallet, lip gloss and car keys, this will do. A lovely book purse by Etsy shop PrettyTheory. I adore this book bag for the amazing attention to detail and the quality craftsmanship. This is a beautiful, useful bag that is smart enough to give any outfit an instant IQ boost! 

For those of you who prefer fine lyrics and sweet song to curling up with a good book, I give you Groovebag‘s ultra super hip upcycled record bag, made with vintage fabric and oodles of style. This particular Groovebag is a perfect birthday gift for someone turning forty this year! (I’ve still got a year to go, thank you. That’s not my bag, baby!) Karen is not only the coolest Canadian EVER, and costume seamstress to TV shows and ballet productions, she makes some cool stuffs for you to deck out the inside of your Groovebag too. Check out the cassette tape zippy cases, upcycled album sleeve checkbook covers, and I heard a rumor she’s working on a new design for a clutch made from 45’s? (Correct me if I’m wrong, Lady K!) For the record, I adore Karen’s clever bags, and have been coveting them for eons.  

Here’s a buddy for Juniper! (Juniper is my new MacBook). Behold the Crow by Brokesy. I waded through the plethora of laptop sleeves available at Etsy, and this was by far my favorite. Especially when you toss in the cord pouch (sold separately, but designed to match). What I like best about this sleeve is that you can keep your MacBook in it while you type, while many of the other, fancier designs don’t seem to offer this feature. Maybe it could use a sturdy handle for carrying, but the design just plain rocks. 

I love this clutch by UrbanHeirlooms, who was recently an Etsy featured seller. I’ve been diggin’ her unique leather accessories for quite some time. I like the way she incorporates antique skeleton keys into her designs. Sassy!


Get Ready To Rumble!

February 1, 2009 - 52 Responses

Okay peeps! Time to bust out your Haiku chops and get to fightin’. Someone is about to become the first Haiku Kung Fu Champion, and the proud owner of a sassy new pendant featuring the word of the month: smitten. You know the drill: use smitten in a haiku and post it in your comment. Want official rules? Read them here.

In two weeks submissions will end and the haikus will be moved to the voting booth where you all will be able to rate them from one to five stars. The highest rated haiku will win, so long as I don’t smell any foul play…. if so, I will choose the winner. In the case of a tie, there will be a showdown, you’ll get to vote again, and then the champion will be crowned.

Hiiiiiiyyyyyy- KU!

P.S. If you flipped out over the Chuck Norris vs. Godzilla artwork, it’s by Jeremy at Jkoob13. (Thanks Jeremy!) Now go get yourself a postcard and write a haiku on it. Let Chuck inspire you, or scare you into the Haiku Kung Fu Hall of Fame! Do it!  

Coy in a Treasury!

January 31, 2009 - One Response

Coy has been featured a clever wordy treasury.  Hopefully this one will find its way to the front page for an hour of fame. Thanks CeeVeeArts!



Bookplate Designs

January 30, 2009 - 3 Responses

So, I played around with some bookplate designs today. The pix are way overexposed and don’t show the really pretty vintagy cream color that I chose for the labels. Also, there’s some blurriness, but the bookplates look fab in person! I have lots more ideas swirling around in my head. These and more will soon be available for personalization and purchase in my Etsy shop, in packets of twenty.



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