Which Shoes?

This is my imaginary new outfit to wear swing dancing. I have been in the mood for some yellow, maybe because I’m tiring of the dreary days of winter. I thought something nautical would be cute with the sailor pants. I liked this tattoo-inspired necklace for a punch of color. (And because dancing with earrings is kind of scary sometimes.) I wanted something fun for my hair, and this fascinator is cute, but not quite what I had in mind. Plus I’m not sure if my hair is quite long enough for this yet.

I’m in the market for a new pair of dance shoes, but I am having a tough time choosing. Chances are the shoes will be the only part of this outfit that I’ll actually ever own, as I did my “shopping” at Anthropologie and the pants and shirt combo came to a pretty penny. Damn me and my good taste.

The tan wedges are a dancer-friendly replica of a vintage 1940s wedge, and are wicked cute. The Mary Jane wedges are a black and grey herringbone and a black plaid with a little red stripe; a very cute shoe for skirts or pants alike.  And then there’s the wingtip Mary Janes, which draw attention to fancy footwork. (All of these fun  shoes are actually made for the dance floor!)

But which ones do I need? I tend do dance in pants more than dresses or skirts, but my dance wardrobe has dwindled to nothing in the past five years, so I’m starting over from scratch, and just might re-think the lack of skirts in my closet. What do you think?


10 Responses

  1. The wingtip Mary Janes get my blood pumping! I love the yellow pants. What a smashing idea!

  2. The sailor pants are cute, but I see you dancing (swinging) in skirts.Love the wing tips…how fun.

  3. The light grey MaryJanes.

  4. okay, so what just happened here? According to you people, I am having to buy THREE pairs of shoes! Ack! Someone do a tie-breaker!! And Diva, I honestly rarely dance in skirts in a social setting. I don’t know why that is. Always in skirts when performing… ?! weird.

  5. oh, wait. I think i seriously just imagined…like full on hallucinated a phantom post about the herringbone shoes. Mama is LOSIN’ IT! Looks like I’ll be starting the shoe collection with the wingtips, then! But I agreee, the plaid wedges are super sassy too. And will be next.

  6. Clearly the wingtips. I want to see your footwork, and these would show it off best.

  7. Also I can create the fascinator of your dreams.

  8. I like the grey ones on the bottom. I think you should just splurge for the hole outfit. Super-duper cute. I wish I were a pixie like you so I could wear it! xo

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