From the Red Room to the Red Hat

Five years ago yesterday, I met my hubby at The Red Room in San Francisco. In a wiley scheme involving a sassy red hat named after yours truly and my friend Emily from Moe Sew Co. my husband arranged for me to be opening a box on Saturday night to celebrate our five year anniversary. What a sly dog. With a sly helper. When I opened it, thinking, Wow, Emily, HUGE box for a PEN…” was I ever elated to discover MY HAT!

I had actually planned to arrange a layaway payments with Emily that might have taken the rest of my life to pay off, because Could I really live without the Main Chelsea Hat?! NO! I freakin’ love it, and now I’m afraid some shopping is in order so I can have an outfit worthy of such a topper. (Oh, darn.)

In addition to having a very sweet and thoughtful husband who was tricky and secretive and surprised me completely,  I have to take a minute to point out that Emily’s craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. This hat is even more beautiful in person than when I coveted it on FaceBook, where she first posted pix of it. I will cherish it always.

Actually… it kinda makes me want to dive between the sheets with the hubby and make that baby girl I never got, just so I can give her this sweet hat one day. Then I can say, “Your mom was so amazing, they named a hat after her. A red one. And then your crazy red headed daddy smuggled it secretly to me.”  And then I’d probably tell her that it was a magical hat that would make unicorns and fairies come to life when she wears it, and make all her wildest dreams come true.


6 Responses


  2. Nate scores!

  3. N8 rocks!And Chelsea, you look super cute in that hat.

  4. Nate, Nate, really great;Buying that spiffy red hatWhich Chelsea so craved! [Hope you no mind, but Junipero want to get dinero’s worth from "Advanced Haiku Algorithm for Piñatas"].¡El sombrero es magnífico!Su amigo,Junipero

  5. I am soooooo happy you love it. I’m SOOOOOOO happy to have been a part of the conspiracy. You look stunning in it, of course, but that’s because it was made for you. Well done N8!

  6. ¡El sombrero es magnífico! HAHAHA! SO TRUE!

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