Fresh Handbags & Such for Spring

My handbag collection (the one in my dreams that is so vast it requires a walk-in closet of its own, right next to my shoe room) includes these fresh finds: 

I wish it was a self-teach Italian book, as I have been learning Italian, but since the pages are missing anyway to make room for my wallet, lip gloss and car keys, this will do. A lovely book purse by Etsy shop PrettyTheory. I adore this book bag for the amazing attention to detail and the quality craftsmanship. This is a beautiful, useful bag that is smart enough to give any outfit an instant IQ boost! 

For those of you who prefer fine lyrics and sweet song to curling up with a good book, I give you Groovebag‘s ultra super hip upcycled record bag, made with vintage fabric and oodles of style. This particular Groovebag is a perfect birthday gift for someone turning forty this year! (I’ve still got a year to go, thank you. That’s not my bag, baby!) Karen is not only the coolest Canadian EVER, and costume seamstress to TV shows and ballet productions, she makes some cool stuffs for you to deck out the inside of your Groovebag too. Check out the cassette tape zippy cases, upcycled album sleeve checkbook covers, and I heard a rumor she’s working on a new design for a clutch made from 45’s? (Correct me if I’m wrong, Lady K!) For the record, I adore Karen’s clever bags, and have been coveting them for eons.  

Here’s a buddy for Juniper! (Juniper is my new MacBook). Behold the Crow by Brokesy. I waded through the plethora of laptop sleeves available at Etsy, and this was by far my favorite. Especially when you toss in the cord pouch (sold separately, but designed to match). What I like best about this sleeve is that you can keep your MacBook in it while you type, while many of the other, fancier designs don’t seem to offer this feature. Maybe it could use a sturdy handle for carrying, but the design just plain rocks. 

I love this clutch by UrbanHeirlooms, who was recently an Etsy featured seller. I’ve been diggin’ her unique leather accessories for quite some time. I like the way she incorporates antique skeleton keys into her designs. Sassy!



4 Responses

  1. Excellent finds all.Juniper is an excellent name (and ode) to Juni

  2. Love the "book" bag and have been a fan of Urban Heirlooms for some time now; great stuff!

  3. Hey! Thanks for the shout out.And yes, the clutch bag out of 45’s is still in the works…..Love the look of your blog and glad to reconnect with you chicaXOXK

  4. I love the laptop sleeve! Thank you for featuring something I have never seen while on Etsy! I am just discovering your blog, (saw your post in the forums) and I am wondering did you make your own website? It is really nice.

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