Get Ready To Rumble!

Okay peeps! Time to bust out your Haiku chops and get to fightin’. Someone is about to become the first Haiku Kung Fu Champion, and the proud owner of a sassy new pendant featuring the word of the month: smitten. You know the drill: use smitten in a haiku and post it in your comment. Want official rules? Read them here.

In two weeks submissions will end and the haikus will be moved to the voting booth where you all will be able to rate them from one to five stars. The highest rated haiku will win, so long as I don’t smell any foul play…. if so, I will choose the winner. In the case of a tie, there will be a showdown, you’ll get to vote again, and then the champion will be crowned.

Hiiiiiiyyyyyy- KU!

P.S. If you flipped out over the Chuck Norris vs. Godzilla artwork, it’s by Jeremy at Jkoob13. (Thanks Jeremy!) Now go get yourself a postcard and write a haiku on it. Let Chuck inspire you, or scare you into the Haiku Kung Fu Hall of Fame! Do it!  


52 Responses

  1. Why am I not surprised you have fab artwork for the Haiku Kung Fu? Although I spot a little Norris resemblance…my fave is Grasshopper-Caradine.*rubs forehead in haiku concentration*

  2. Contemplates smittenInfatuated, gagaGazes at husband

  3. I am left smittenOvertaken by his loveOf fallen snowflakes …

  4. Dizzy words flutterlike red threads snaring a heartno release in sightThat would be my entry, but I’m sure as in all contests, relatives are excluded! Just want you to know that’s how much I like your site! Love, M

  5. Especially relatives who don’t READ THE RULES! You’re supposed to use "smitten" in your haiku…. but thanks for stopping by, and nice haiku!

  6. oh smitten pendantmy needs are easily methang between my breasts. (can you tell my husband wrote this?)

  7. duh, sorry! Smitten words flutterlike red threads snaring a heartno release in sight

  8. come, oh music manwrite me, sing me; render mesmitten, by your song.

  9. Smitten with haikuSweet poems now too simpleSit with me and count

  10. Ooooh, looks like the fight is heatin’ up!

  11. Her warm heart of a pink noseCould she smile, she surely wouldFuzzy girl – smitten, I am.(and Godzilla is so going to take Chuck Norris doooown…)

  12. Smitten from the startTo caress you with my skinDissolve on my tongue*whew* That took my longer than it should have! 🙂

  13. Smitten by your wordsThat send my heart a flutterFree to soar in flight.[Is disqualify if Juni use Spanish-English translating book with advanced Haiku algorithm?]

  14. Smitten and bittenby the love bug of romancenever had a chanceIs that right? I think I flunked my haiku in high school?

  15. Smitten in the nightTrying with all of my mightTo hold myself back

  16. Lisa B, you did not flunk. You got it, sista! Quali-fied. Juni, no disqualify.

  17. my boys…I’m smittena hug around my neck, squeezeI embrace my heartI just finished a book that has me all mushy for my sons :)Great contest, so fun! Thank you! Jen

  18. Whooo Hooo…dusting off my Haiku skills!!!The word is artfulLet it whisper from your lipsSmitten and caressed

  19. Boyfriend’s underwearLying on the floor crumpledSmitten forgiveness

  20. May I just add that I have done a shout out for your competition today over on my blog, so you may get some more entries – Dang, ruining my chances to win yet again!And I just wanted to say:No-one has everExplained Haiku to me… SoWell as you … Thank you!

  21. Words melt on my tongue in cotton candy sweetness -completely smitten.

  22. Smitten with warm thoughtsBundle tightly a loved oneOn cold winter nights

  23. Fhina!! I came back for a PS, because assuming you posted this haiku here to WIN a pendant, you’ll be needing to come on back and try, try again. I do adore the splendid haiku you left, but it doesn’t qualify to go on to the voting round, as it doesn’t include "smitten." I can see that you can EASILY pull out the big guns and go to town on that sucker… so come on back, and leave us another gem so you have a fair chance at decorating your neck with a bit of smitten tin. Well, silver. But you catch my drift! Had some technical difficulties earlier, but adding you to blogroll now. Do people know this blog by wild at heart, or by a woman of no importance?? Want to get it right! Thanks lady! Love your wit.

  24. If I were a weI would be smitten with hemore than I. So no.

  25. I stand here smittenWith a man who does not knowThe strength of my love

  26. I became smittenWith that pendant so fittingI need to have it

  27. frost hangs on the treetwinkling crashingsmitten by my power

  28. I hang smittenup around his head.And we sleep.bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  29. What is this feeling?Hot, heavy, hard – my heart beatsI must be smitten.thanks!

  30. crusty nose, up atfive, spit and fling food, cry-whine,and yet, i’m smitten

  31. Why was I smitten?Now I know it was just lustMaybe the abs? Or the butt?Shelly! You’ve got seven syllables in your last line- you need only five! Haiku goes five-seven-five. Try again next time, thanks for playing. (you had such a fun one, too!!! boo hoo!)

  32. Oh, what a trophy,An awesome Smitten pendant.Haiku Kung Fu Rules!

  33. He leaves me breathless.I admit I am smitten.He now owns my heart.

  34. I love checking in at the end of the day to see the smitten haikus…

  35. (oops…I accidentally posted this on another of your pages the other day.)autumn leaves floating,smitten by the river’s call -current gathers loveI love the pendant! Here’s hopin’…

  36. Nearly smitten, Igird my heart and proceed forth,protected by snow.

  37. Oh, how fun!Here’s my lovely haiku.Asked, do I love thee?No fear, you’re mine already.I’m quite smitten so.

  38. Vampire LustFirst sight, love smitten.No mortal, rule unwritten-She must be bitten!Thanks for having the giveaway!

  39. grayly shudderingsleeping, floating smitten musesrichly snidely dark

  40. my sweet newborn girlholds my finger tightlyforever smitten

  41. new lovers, smittenblushing cheeks, knowing glancestrue love at first site

  42. sorry i goofed on one i posted earlier.. should be:my sweet newborn girlshe holds my finger tightlyforever smitten

  43. I am left smittenOvertaken by his loveOf fallen snowflakes …Hello, Chelsea! This was my entry – under Fhina Crawford – Sorry to confuse you – My second poem was merely to thank you for telling us how Haiku work, for I’d never realised they were so simple before – They’ve been ringing around my head ever since!I am A Woman Of No Importance, URL (I think that’s what it’s called) Wildatheartblogspot.comHope that’s okay – Glad you like my (occasional) wit! Love the creativity abounding here and wish I were so practical and crafty!Best wishes, take care,Fhina xxx*** Hey Fhina!! Yeah…I finally figured that out. Sorry to not be more observant!! DUH! Good luck!

  44. their sparkling eyesblushing cheeks and smirky grinshopelessly smitten

  45. sittin’ so smittentogether hand in hand, theywait to be alone

  46. I’m giggling and blushingShattered when he doesn’t callSmitten. Just shoot me.

  47. Heed the battle cryLove licks wide wounds found emptySo smitten…exhaleYour jewelry is divine ❤

  48. floating light as airhow "smitten" serves to describeethereal me

  49. Ooops! I put in an extra sylaaaaable the first go.I’m giggling, blushingShattered when he doesn’t callSmitten. Just shoot me.

  50. baby valentineyou are my heart outside ofme, smitten with you

  51. Is it too late to enter?So peaceful you sleepfooty jammies on your feetsmitten with your sigh

  52. For you my smittenCupid’s arrow shot sharply!How sweetly you blush.leahita[at]gmail[dot]com

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