Letterpress: Always in Fashion

I am a huge fan of letterpress, and have long dreamed of one day owning one of the amazing mysterious magical contraptions. Here is a clever new use for letterpress type, designed and handmade by Steel Toe Studios. 

Their Multifont Buckle is cast in lead-free pewter from actual letterpress pieces. The brand new recycled rubber bicycle tire belt is sold separately. The whole ensemble can make your librarian jealous for under a hundred bucks. Belt buckle: $45 Belt: $38



2 Responses

  1. Umm… my first comment didn’t take… so here it is again…*oogles belt* ummmmmmmmmmmme thinks i want this. Oh! And I was wondering if you would be interested in this idea I have. I know that you’re super busy with all your writing projects but it could be fun. Once every two weeks one of us picks an object or topic to create a short story about, with the time line of two weeks. It doesn’t have to be the greatest story ever but it may get the creative juices a flowing for other stories. I think I’m going to create a website for my story (prolly on wordpress) and I’ll post them on there. But please read my comment on your other blog for my reluctance. Are you too busy to do this? Everyone else that reads this blog would be more than welcome to do the same so that maybe we could get a little writing circle going and give each other constructive criticism… OR I could just post this idea on my new blog…. lolThoughts?This be Heather… it won’t let me link my blog to this post. Meh.

  2. Love. it.

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