Mad Papercutting Skillz

I love when I come across a buried gem at Etsy. Today I uncovered, quite by accident, a neat little shop: papercutdiecut. 

I was blown away by the intricacy and delicate beauty in her paper thin art pieces.

Unfortunately, this seller’s photographs are not so fabulous, but there is no denying that the workmanship shines through despite the weird lighting and a few blurred images.

These incredible works of art are hand cut from a single sheet of paper using scissors and a sharp knife. I have seen several other papercut artists on Etsy, but nothing like this! I honestly can’t figure out how her prices are so low, considering the skill and time it must take. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE TREES!

I’ll surely be purchasing a treasure to frame, I’m just having a really hard time choosing. You’ll sympathize with my dilemma once you go take a look. 


2 Responses

  1. Speechless

  2. Isn’t that something else? My mind boggles at the very idea of cutting those tiny leaves….

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