Dreamy Fountain Pen

Something I have always wanted to learn, but never seem to find the time for is calligraphy. I’m talking really learn this art form, and become so adept that I can put Marie Antoinette’s penmanship to shame. In my imagination, where I have time to become such a master calligrapher, I am definitely wielding this pen.

You can’t deny the perfection of this lovely instrument, especially for me. Oh yes it is a Double Eight. And that was just a lucky coincidence. Serendipitous, really…perhaps one day it will be mine!

Behold The Retro 1951, Double Eight Fountain Pen, Persimmon Orange w/Chrome Plated Trim:


Can you deny the awesomeness? Or attractiveness? No. I didn’t think so. Um yeah, so my birthday is May Day, in case anyone feels like gifting me with this magical persimmon orange mightier than a sword fountain pen. I promise I’ll learn how to write pretty with it!


2 Responses

  1. Beauty of a pen Lady. I remember long ago in a galaxy far far away, when we saw Mrs. Antoinette’s handwriting on one of her letters. Where was that?? Blog is awesome by the way!!!

  2. I do remember that. That was in that one place, that one dusty bookshop, somewhere in the Horse Latitudes, if I remember correctly…..

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